Why Preston Hunter?

When choosing a recruiting firm to represent your company in the talent market, you need to be absolutely convinced that they are the best at understanding your company and industry and have the ability to become “your voice” as they speak to executives, managers, and key individual contributors.

Our executive team and talent recruiters all have decades of experience and expertise in their industries and in how to recruit at all levels. We have responded to our clients' frustration at hiring a search firm for a key executive and after completion having to move to another firm with less experience to find managers and other key talent. Preston Hunter’s unique model has resulted in becoming an extension of our client’s executive team and human resource organization.

We have the ability and experience to conduct one search or recruit an entire team. This approach has allowed our clients to deal with one main provider of search and to significantly reduce the time it takes to recruit quality talent and the cost-per-hire.

When it comes to recruiting, like our clients, we are singularly focused on quality, time and cost. Our lengthy list of repeat clients is proof that our approach at Preston Hunter is the future of search.